Sunday, January 4, 2009


“For qualified individuals, being a part-time tutor can be a great way to supplement your income.”

WyzAnt Tutoring provides tutors for a number of subjects. Rather than working for the company itself, WyzAnt tutors are considered independent contractors. I could wind up tutoring someone in English or History (American, World or European) or even just proofreading papers and helping develop study skills. It would feed my desire to be a teacher, while still leaving me free to search for other jobs. The downside is that it seems like I’ll just be putting my profile out there and wishing, hoping, and praying that someone picks me, me, me! As of right now, there are well over twenty tutors in the area and ZERO available students.

Despite the 20 million to zero ratio of teachers to students, I applied for a position. After filling out the application, I got to sign up for subjects and take certification tests. Yay! Tests! Although I haven’t been able to use my bar training for law all that much, I have applied my bar training to test taking. At the very least, I’ve gotten really good at narrowing down answer choices to two options. I had to dig through my memory to remember what Shay’s Rebellion was all about (Answer: “the jailing of individuals or seizure of their property for failure to pay taxes during a time of economic hardship”), but I passed all the tests with flying colors and I’m now certified in English, History, Law, Government & Politics, and Proofreading.

I’m not too optimistic about this venture, but it has given me a few ideas about other places to apply. There are a few learning centers in town and I know the founder/owner of one location. Perhaps she’ll give me a shot at tutoring kids in writing, study skills, and history? There's also the usual suspects in the realm of test prep (Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc). I figure any job is worth a shot and besides, I need the work.

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