Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Admissions Representative

"Join our team and share in our belief that hard work leads to success!" - From the Ross Medical Education Center Admissions Representative Job Posting.

This is a part time position in Lansing. RMEC is a short-term, vocational school specializing in health care and has several campuses around the country. The main goal of this position is to recruit, interview, and enroll potential students. It actually sounds like fun.

During college I was an admissions tour guide, college host, and official "shmoozer." As the "shmoozer," I greeted potential students and their parents, answered questions, and talked up the school. I loved my college and it wasn't too much of a stretch for me to go on and on and on about how wonderful the place was.

I also know how important the interview process is for applicants. I've been in some awful interview situations both as the interviewee and interviewer. I think the worst was when I was interviewing a student for a resident assistant position. Her paper application didn't really jump out at me, but we interviewed everyone. During the face-to-face interview the conversation went something like this (for true effect, read my line and then pause for a good 2 minutes before reading her response):

Me: So, you'd like to join the res life team...why don't you tell me why.
Her: I'd like to join the res life team.
Me: Ok, well, why do you want to be an RA?
Her: You get a single as an RA, right?
Me: Yes, you do. So, moving on, I noticed you work at X store as a cashier, how do you think that position will help you?
Her: I've worked there for the last two years. Sometimes it gets busy. I don't know. Um...can I pick where I live?

It wasn't pleasant. However, I've also had interviews that went so well that 15 minute planned interviews became hour long conversations. The upside is that I feel comfortable talking to just about anyone, even the people who don't answer right away. I can "enhance the lives of others," I "believe that hard work leads to success", and I have the "vision and drive to assist in producing tomorrow's skilled workforce."

Once again, I think I'd be really good at this job, but I know that I'm probably one of hundreds applying. There's a no phone calls clause on this one, so I can't check up on it. On the downside, it means I can't check up on the status of the application. On the upside, no rejection over the phone with some awkward human resources person telling me that there are other fish in the sea. Like the others, we shall see and I'll keep you all posted. I look forward to the day when I can start posting about interviews and eventually offers.

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