Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the meantime...

No jobs on tap right now? Feeling bummed out about a lack of prospects? Try some of these movies/tv series for a pick-me-up:

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967). A young window washer works his way up the corporate ladder by stepping all over the competition.
Memorable quote? "Be patient? Don't you realize I've been working here... well, two whole hours now?"

Dead Like Me (TV series 2003-2004). A sadly short-lived Showtime series about a group of grim reapers. The show focuses mainly on Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth), a young college dropout who is killed during her first day on the job at a Temp Agency by a flaming toilet seat. In the afterlife, she's back as a reaper but reaping doesn't pay. So where does she end up? Right back at Happy Time Temps.
Memorable quote? "Everybody's thoughts are the same, two thirds are people who regret the rest are people who forgot to do stuff or are praying or are alone. Shouldn't there be more? More piles, more words, more thoughts...and then...and then you die. And you might become a reaper and the magic of creation well that turns out to be a 9-5 job with lots of paper work it's's's so everyday. How do you know that's true? Maybe we just move to one filing job to the next...oh my god we're all Temps."

9 to 5 (1980). Three female employees (Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda) get revenge on their sexist male boss (Dabney Coleman) by kidnapping him and taking over the company. While he's "indisposed," they turn the office around and increase productivity. Hilarious movie that's worth it just to see Lily Tomlin dressed as Snow White mixing rat poison into coffee with the help of animated woodland creatures.
Memorable quote?
Violet: He wants to prosecute.
Doralee: Well why wouldn't he? He's got you for poisoning him, and me for roping him, and *YOU* for acting like he was first prize at a turkey shoot!

Reality Bites (1994). Gen X grads face life after college. Lelaina Pierce (Winona Ryder) was the valedictorian of her college class. Post-grad she's fired from her job as a PA, racks up a massive phone bill after spending hours talking to her psychic friend, stumbles over the definition of the word ironic, yet all the while makes a documentary about her slacker friends who are also struggling to find their way in the world.
Memorable quote?
Charlane McGregor: Why don't you get a job at the Burgerrama? They'll hire you! My Lord, I saw on the TV, they had this little retarded boy working the register.
Lelaina: Because I'm not retarded, Mom. I was the Valedictorian of my University!
Wes McGregor: Well you dont have to put that on your application.

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